Pack Rat 6

Pack Rat 6

Pack Rat 6 silkscreen print by Crispin Finn

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38 x 48cm embossed two colour silkscreen print

The term Pack Rat refers to people who engage in the excessive acquisition of possessions, even if the items are worthless.

Crispin Finn love collecting all sorts of objects and ephemera from continental toothpicks to a vernacular beach bat & ball design, most of it being everyday and ephemeral, but all of it curious, clever or beautiful in some way.  Filling shelves and cupboards of home and studio this mass grows daily as they come across the interesting within the quotidian.

The apparent cross overs between the areas of acquiring, selecting, organising, and obsessive compulsive behaviour are all themes that have inspired their show at Soma.

For their 'Pack Rat' show they've created a set of prints in their trade mark red, white and blue based on their fascination with collecting inspired from items within their archive. These prints aim to make the ephemeral momentarily more permanent, examine the beauty of vernacular design and draw to attention how the everyday is worthy of wall space.

Crispin Finn is a small, London based design partnership. Founded and run by Anna Fidalgo - a graphic designer and Roger Kelly - a fine artist, their shared love of screenprinting, stationery and vernacular design inspired them to collaborate and develop their trademark style.

Working predominantly in red, white and blue, a restriction they initially set themselves in order to hand produce simple and affordable designs, the colour scheme has become part of the Crispin Finn identity.

As well as commisioned projects and freelance work, they also produce limited runs of ephemera.